Phone & Tablet

Getting the most of your phone or tablet

It’s hard to imagine life without a mobile phone or tablet, but how can you be sure you are getting the most out of your new device? We can help you every step of the way, from setting up your new gear to helping you find the greatest apps.

What can we help you with?

Hands-Free Install

Technology can make your life better, and safer. We will install a Blue tooth or hands-free kit so that you can make and receive phone calls in your car without taking your hands off the wheel.

( In-Store Bring everything in and we’ll take care of it. FROM $14.99* Schedule Now)

Mobile Broadband Setup

We will set up your tablet or mobile device to connect to your mobile broadband device. Get the power of the Internet no matter where you go. Within reason. Reception is patchy in some places – Pico Duarte, for example.
(In-Store Schedule a reservation to drop it all off. $29.99 Schedule Now)

Mobile Email Setup

Who wants to be chained to a desk all day? We can help you get out and enjoy the day without missing a single email. We’ll work remotely, tap into your cell phone and change the necessary settings to make all of your emails accessible. All we need is a working cell phone and data plan, active email account and high speed internet connection. Sorry, software is not included.
(Online Get a free quote without leaving your chair. $49.99 – IN-STORE Schedule a reservation to visit  us. FREE*)

Tablet Setup

Make sure you’re getting the most from your tablet by letting us set it up for you.
Online Chat with an Agent without leaving home. $29.99
In-Store Schedule a reservation to drop it all off. FROM $29.99
On-Site Stay right there, we’re on the way. FROM $99.99

Tablet Shield Install

Protect your new tablet or e-Reader by having one of the Agents install a scratch-resistant shield for you.
In-Store Schedule a reservation to drop it all off. $14.99


Additional costs for parts and labor may be required.*
Schedule a Car Technology Consultation for an estimate.